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What We Offer

Credit Card Purchases

No credit card? No problem! Get access to our credit card to make online purchases while shipping your items through us. This service conveniently allows all our customers to use our credit card for their transactions.

Knusford Islandwide Delivery

Trust us to handle your packages with care, providing you with a nationwide delivery solution that combines the expertise of our courier service and islandwide reach of Knutsford Express.

Ship By Air

Experience affordable and fast shipping through our airline deliveries, scheduled twice a week. It is easy to get started, simply register to get a Air Freight address to ship good to.

Ship By Sea

When it comes to oversized items such as industrial equipment, container load, etc. we handle the complexities to provide competitive rates and quick delivery times for these kind of shipments.

Do Not Leave Home

Door-Door Barrel Delivery

Send barrels from the USA to relatives in Jamaica! We ensure a hassle-free process, bringing convenience right to their doorstep, making the transportation of barrels reliable and efficient. Trust us to securely and promptly deliver your thoughtful shipments. Contact us for more details.

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77 East Street, Downtown, Kingston

Spanish Town
Unit 11 Heritage Mall, 12 Burke Road, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

Half Way Tree
10 Premier Plaza, Kingston 10

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